Sample Research Project

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The Sample Research project is an ongoing sampling project by Greynote Music. The goal in this project is to built an ongoing series of hardware synth sampling projects, while using customer feedback and research to improve the sampling quality project-by-project.

The first sampling project, Vintage DCO-OSC Loops, is a collection of various raw oscillator loops recorded from a vintage hardware DCO synth. Various settings of oscillators have a been multi-sampled across the entire range (61-keys, C1-C6). For example: a saw – square oscillator combination.

The samples are recorded in 24bit/96khz quality, without further processing. They’ve been looped manually. Logic’s EXS24 has been used to test the samples in action. However, the samples can be imported into other multi-sample samplers as well.

The FREE library version is completely free to download, allowing you to test the samples free of charge. The FREE multi-samples are limited to keys C3-C5 instead of the full range C1-C6. This version includes a portion of EXS24 patches that where used to test the samples in a DAW environment.

The FULL version contains 17 oscillator combinations x 61 keys, thus 1037 looped samples along with all EXS24 patch files (12 presets). The FULL version can be acquired at a small fee. This fee helps maintaining this project.

I am seeking your help!

With this sampling project, I aim to receive feedback regarding my sample productions so I can keep improving myself in this area and create better content with each production.

I’m hoping to receive your constructive criticism about the following and more:

– Sample Content
– Looping quality
– Concept
– etc.

Do you have any comments / ideas about this sample library? Well, I hope to hear from you then!
Please send your comments to augustomeijer at greynotemusic dot com. Your address will not be used for any purpose other then sending you a reply.

Many thanks,

Greynote Music
Note: Feel free to use the samples in a commercial or non-commercial musicproduction. You may use the samples in any sampler for personal use.

You may not redistribute and re-sell the samples!